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Management Consulting for Growth Stage Businesses
Growth Stage Consulting specializes in providing management consulting and Balanced Scorecard based performance management tools tailored specifically for Growth Stage businesses.

Is your Business a Growth Stage Business?
Growth Stage businesses range from single person start-ups to organizations with up to 500 employees. Growth Stage businesses face considerable challenges as they grow, with critical issues that need to be addressed at different growth stages. Not addressing the issues at the right time can put the business at risk, leading to slower growth or potential failure. The reality is that fewer than 5% of Growth Stage business ever survive past 5 years, either due to a lack of executing their own business strategy or by the imbalance caused by not addressing growth issues at the right time.

Growth Stage Consulting determines how well a business is executing its strategy for the current growth phase, anticipates what challenges will need to be resolved in the next phase, and implements a specialized scorecard based performance management system that drives the business to achieve its strategy for the current growth stage. 

The Growth Stage Scorecard is a unique form of the Balanced Scorecard process that incorporates growth stages and varying stakeholder balance needs by growth stage. The Growth Stage Scorecard can be implemented at a Company level, Division level and Individual level to achieve the goals of the business. Additional Scorecard based solutions, including an Incentive System and Product Commercialization System, can be linked with the Growth Stage Scorecard. 

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